The Most Complete View of Pet Retail

See More Sales, Find New Growth

With Americans spending more on their furry and feathered friends each year ($69.5 billion in 2017 alone), there are incredible opportunities in the pet care industry. But, until now, fragmented measurement has made it tough to spot and seize those opportunities. Nielsen’s new, comprehensive pet retail measurement brings together performance data for the whole market, enabling you to unlock new growth in this booming segment.

We offer the most complete view of U.S. pet retail available anywhere, covering pet specialty retailers, neighborhood pet stores, independent pet stores, veterinary clinics, grocery stores and mass merchandisers. Our in-store purchasing data provides timely information on market share, competitive sales volumes, distribution, pricing and promotion, including key account data from select retailers.

Combined with our best-in-class e-commerce, consumer panel and analytics capabilities, this unparalleled view delivers the insights you need to make stronger pet care manufacturing, marketing and merchandising decisions.


Harmonized measurement of total brand and category performance, from one source Early insight on emerging trends, based on behavior and channel shifting across U.S. pet owners Advanced analytics fueled with a broad pet data set to guide merchandising and collaboration


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