Actionable Intelligence: A Look Into How Market Leaders Win at eCommerce [On demand session]

On demand session

Because of current market conditions, eCommerce revenue has never been more impactful to the bottom line. Competition is fierce, so there’s VERY little margin for error. How can you make sure you’re using the right information to make the right decisions about your ecommerce program? 

Watch our on demand session as Liz Buchanan, Nielsen North American Head of Consumer Business share how the insights into even just a snapshot in time can have major implications on your next strategic decision. You'll also hear Christophe Bernigaud, WaterWipes's Regional VP of Commercial for North America, share the incredible WaterWipes success story. You’ll learn:

  • The positive possibilities you could get with meaningful measurement/insights.
  • How even just a snapshot of market insight can have a major strategic impact for your business
  • How WaterWipes turns actionable insights into profitable strategies

This session will be especially useful for CPG manufacturers and retailers who already have a robust eCommerce program (as well as those new to eCommerce), insight and market research teams, and agencies.


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