Win Big With Local Ratings

Radio is still the king of media. It’s available on multiple platforms and devices, and it engages millions of listeners. In fact, radio alone reaches over 277 million American consumers each week - more than any other platform. It’s why Nielsen measures audio listening and makes it easier for station owners and advertisers to effectively quantify the value of the medium. 


With Nielsen’s gold standard of audio measurement, County Coverage measures radio stations in and out of metro markets to effectively deliver advertising messages locally to where your consumers live.

Boost advertising campaigns with County Coverage data by:

Comparing your station’s performance to other stations
Profiling audiences that tune into your station
Examining the effectiveness of ads running on your station with reach & frequency
Evaluating the value of your station to TV and Print with CPP & CPM
Sharpening your programmers' ability to focus on improving local listenership


The science of our measurement is through our commitment to excellence in evaluation of behavior of real people in every local market as well as nationally. We employ the best-in-class survey techniques to recruit and maintain ongoing representative participation from every segment of the population. Looking to learn more? Contact a Nielsen Audio rep today.

"We don't spend money on software, we invest those dollars and expect a return on them. With County Coverage (and TAPSCAN Custom Coverage) not only does a station get a smarter sales force, but also a more productive sales force."
-Sales Manager, Del Rio, Texas



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