Your Guide to Cultivating Today’s Business Traveler

A Nielsen Infographic: Mixing Business Travel with Leisure

By reputation, the U.S. workforce isn’t always so great at taking vacation days. Fifty percent (50%) of business travelers plan to take trips with their families in the next year. In our latest infographic, we explored business travelers as an audience.  Download our latest infographic to dive into the opportunity for travel and tourism companies to target these customers and entice them to enjoy the cities they travel while they work and while they play. 

In addition to being hyper-connected and digitally driven, business travelers might just be seeking time for personal experiences as they work in the cities they travel to for business. Is bleisure a trend that you have considered? 

How can travel and tourism industries explore the 85% of adults who have traveled for business by air domestically in the past year? 

Find out more about the opportunities in our latest infographic: Your Guide to Cultivating Today’s Business Traveler.